Comme Des Garçons Comme Des Garçons F/W 2014

Actually I’m pretty freaked out aboutt vision I was in the shower fully clothes withy friend and I suddenly saw we were in space and she was floating away from me and I started crying because I don’t want everyone to leave me I’m so leaveable but I don’t want to be alone please don’t

Phoebe Anna Traquair, St. George in Armour Being Kissed by Una (1914)

I had such a nice night tonight hung out with gals that I luv and also at one point talked abt st vincent with a girl for a literal hour and she was playing her music and direct quote to me “you are so annie clark right now I can’t even deal with it” it wasn’t true but nevertheless I almost pissed myself

I forgot house of cards was a song and then it came on shuffle and let me tell u I am feelin it

I’m sad like I’ve read 4 books this month and only just realized that I haven’t read that much since I was maybe 16 like i don’t know the fact that I was an avid reader has been a ~thing ever since I can remember and I lost that just like I’ve lost my drawing and writing and even practicing piano regularly like i feel like I’ve lost so much of who I was before everything and I want to go back to that and I hope I can I don’t know it’s weird how things can make you give up on or drift away from stuff even if you love it a lot